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Join me for training that's guaranteed to have you shooting like a pro and creating stunning images in no time! There's never been a better time to give your camera a workout. Learn tips and tricks and unleash the power of your favorite camera and gear, while dramatically boosting your creative skills.

Digital photography has changed the way photographers create images with a new sense of imagination. Digital pictures are more than instant images, as they can be instantly changed and improved. If you’ve been a digital shooter or just purchased a digital camera or are about to, this workshop is for you! These classes are designed for the amateur and semi-professional photographer in mind.

You will learn the fundamentals of this exciting creative tool, your digital camera. Photography classes are a step-by-step, one-on-one experience with a class attendance size of no more than three students. Topics covered along with the current workshop studies can include portrait photography, landscape photography, macro photography, night photography, and action photography. Other topics covered can include uploading photos from your camera to your computer and the best choices of photo editing software that will meet your needs.

If you've taken a class or classes at your local college or attended a photo seminar and left confused, you'll be capturing stunning shots from the very first class you attend! Call today...724-953-3121.
Classes start at $90.00.   Gift cards available.
Gift cards available

Topics covered in class will depend on what you would like to learn
Understanding camera exposure: **All classes cover this topic.
Sekonic l-758dr Light Meter
  • Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO and how these 3 factors effect every shot you take!

Understanding exposure compensation:
  • Most cameras now have an exposure compensation feature, whether it’s a DSLR or a compact. Your exposure compensation option gives you incredible leverage as a photographer and I'll clear up all the confusion...

Dynamic range:
  • What does this mean and why is this so important to remember?

Understanding camera metering:
  • How to read and understand the cameras built in light meter. This is one of the most misunderstood topics! I'll show you why you can't trust it!

White balance:
  • The basics about white balance and settings. How to setup a custom white balance.

Shooting in JPEG or RAW format:
  • What's the difference and what's the method best for you?

Understanding and using the cameras histogram:
  • Viewing your exposure results using the histogram as a guide not a rule! Quit relying on your rear display, it will lie to you! I'll teach you why the camera's rear display isn't always reliable for proper exposure results. I'll clear up all the confusion...

Zoom lens:
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens
  • Focal length and shutter this may affect the outcome of your final shot.

Understanding depth of field (DOF):
  • Controlling (DOF) and lens factors.

The camera’s flash:
  • Tips and techniques, everything you need to know and how to get the most out of your flash photography.

Understanding color space in your camera:
  • Using Adobe RGB or sRGB color space. What's right for you and why?

Low light photography:
  • Lots of requests for this subject as of late! I will teach you the fundamentals and what it takes to get the shot (tripod required). If you don't own one, I recommend it...

Camera care:
  • Cleaning the camera's sensor (DSLR's only). Proper care for your equipment, and more!
    I do offer sensor cleaning in my studio for a fee of $20.00 for those of you who are unsure and do not have the proper tools necessary to do so.

Working with Studio Lighting: Master Class
You will need a digital SLR camera with manual mode and need to know how to set ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Class fee is $225.00 for each attendee enrolled in this Master Class...

Our Studio Lighting Workshop provides you with practical skills so that you become competent at working with studio lighting. The topics covered in the workshop include:

Arri Lighting
  • Use of studio lighting and setting your camera.
  • How to use a light meter to calculate exposures.
  • Using light modifiers and accessories, including softboxs and fresnel.
  • Lighting the background and subject.
  • Lighting set ups with one, two, three and four lights.
  • High key and low key lighting setups.
  • and more!
  • This class is 6 - 7 hours long.
  • Gift cards available.

Other topics not listed above:
  • If you don't see a topic listed above that you have an interest in, just ask and we'll cover it!

Those who attend class should bring their camera with additional battery or AC power source. Tripod (if you own one) and hot shoe flash if not built in to camera. Personal laptops are optional! Dress is casual. All scheduled classes are around 3 hours + in length. Most classes include written literature of topics covered for each session.

Day, evening, and weekend classes are available. Please call 724-953-3121 for complete details and available class openings...

All classes are $90.00 for each attendee except our Studio Lighting Workshop Master Class. Gift cards available.

Please note:
Even though I have over 37 years experience in photography, I do not know every menu structure for every camera brand manufactured in today's market place. While most settings do the same task from brand to brand, they are most likely worded differently and or buried deep in the menu structure. Most of the classes I teach will require entering your camera's menu setup from time to time. Please bring your digital camera's manual to class with you if you do not have a firm understanding of your camera's menu structure and setup...

If you would like to attend a class and do not own a digital camera at this time and are planning to purchase but are just confused about the right camera and type for your needs, I can help! A special appointment will be necessary and the regular class rate will be discounted.

Adobe™ Systems IncorporatedAdobe PhotoShop® & Adobe LightRoom® Classes...

Personal training for photo editing using Adobe PhotoShop® CS through Adobes new Creative Cloud® and Adobe PhotoShop LightRoom® 4 through 6 are also available. As an (A.C.E.) Adobe™ Certified Expert with over 26 years experience using Adobe software, I will teach you the fundamentals from editing to enhancing your photos, adding special effects, color space setup to final print output and more. This class will require that you have a fair understanding of Adobe PhotoShop®. Adobe LightRoom® experience not necessary! Call for details today.
Gift cards available.

Adobe PhotoShop®
Adobe LightRoom®

Inquiries and Scheduling a Class

Please contact me by phone at,

If for some reason you cannot reach me by phone, you may contact me by e-mail by selecting the contact tab above. Please make sure you list a valid phone number where you can be reached. Home and cell phone numbers only. No work numbers please!
Please note: I do receive many inquiries about my classes via my contact form on this site which is fine but, I will not schedule classes by e-mail and or do any type of business by e-mail relating to my classes do to the fact that your schedule and availability for a class may differ from what dates and times I have available.

If you do contact me through my contact form, your call will be returned that same day and or within 24 hours...You have my word! In some cases if I happen to be in front of my computer or I hear the mail alert on my cell, your call will be returned immediately.

All photography classes scheduled will require a deposit, no exceptions. A deposit of $45.00 for all courses must be mail to my studio within 5 business days. If for some reason your deposit is not received within 5 business days, you risk losing your class date scheduled. Working with Studio Lighting: Master Class is $225.00 and requires a deposit of $100.00.

Classes for personal training for photo editing using Adobe PhotoShop® CS through Adobes new Creative Cloud® and Adobe PhotoShop LightRoom® 4 through 6 start at $149.00. A deposit of $70.00 is required.

All classes attended are taught ONE on ONE. If you have a friend that would like to take a class with you, I don't mind as long as you are both at the same skill level.

If you over looked this on the left side of this page, all scheduled classes are around 3 hours + in length. Most classes include written literature of topics covered for each session.

Warning to all: Be prepared to have fun while learning. It's not rocket science, it's photography! :)

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